Github repository – version control also for Knime

Even if you are not a programmer, you might have heard of “Git”, “Github” or “Bitbucket”, etc. These are simply put code-repositories, used for version control of your code to track changes, collaborate, etc. It is also very useful for public domain (open source) code – a “future” proof place in the cloud where you can find code. Maybe you have encountered a similar system with documents, e.g. Word or Excel on Microsoft Sharepoint, or Dropbox for Teams – multiple people can work on a document, you have a history of older versions available, or you can make local copies of said document – a very similar idea!

In my case, let’s say my blog site might stop to exist in the future (of course it won’t, but hey, you never know), the code that is stored here, will still be available elsewhere, maybe even maintained by others!

Now, currently I don’t have any “code” per se on this site, but there are Knime workflows, which are a form of code (imho). And since I felt the urge to play with Git also for other reasons, I decided to furthermore upload all my blog workflows there. You can find my repository here:

(I am updating the older blog entries in the next few days)

If you don’t (want to) know how to use git, don’t worry – you can still download the code by using the “download as zip” possibility (the big green clone or download” button, then choose “Download ZIP“. Then import this into Knime as you would any external workflow.

In case you yourself would like to use a version control system (be it locally or in the cloud) with your Knime workflows, you might want to use the following content in a .gitignore file:

## KNIME files

## KNIME directories containing node data

# Packages #

This was taken from the Knime forum here.

For more information on what Git or version control is, please check e.g. this wiki-entry:

(For the nitpicky ones: git is the version control software, github is one possible cloud repository).