CDD – Sharing Experiences in Life Science Research in Solna, 9th of March

Today I had the opportunity to be at a meeting organized by the SciLifeLab, Stockholm/Uppsala and Collaborative Drug Disovery (resp. CDD Vault).

Some nice presentations and interesting people were present and there were number of interesting discussions! For example, Konrad Koehler from Immunscape AB presented some details of their portfolio and how and why they integrate CDD Vault in their research.

Another interesting feature presented was the free accessible CDD BioAssayExpress service, a curation effort to create a standard within protocol description and data-mining with such. Worth having a look at!

Check here, if you want to know more about the SciLifeLab organization and here if you want to know more about CDD and their main product, CDD-Vault.

#CDD #Scilifelab


Been having a few problems with the site, thus development isn’t going as expected, but should be resolved soon.

Aside from the web-page structure, I am working on an article on “Sugars in diets” (not mining related, indeed) and how to use the external tool in Knime in a Windows environment.