Having a job in the (Swedish) pharma sector is…. challenging

Despite having been a  well-oiled and renown organization, AstraZeneca R&D in Södertälje (Sweden) was shut down many moons ago, affecting thousands of employees, including myself.

Though not the first to close down in Sweden, it wasn’t the last. Not too long ago, KaroBio, a medium sized company, closed its doors and now, Medivir. The latter sucks especially in the light of myself just having joined them less than 3 months ago!

Aside from the personal aspect of not knowing how the future will be (deja-vu….) it seems that what I like to do most and can do best is a challenging thing to find and remain with in Sweden, or at least in the Stockholm area. The conclusion most likely is to either move away (would make most sense, but since I want /require myself to remain in this area, that is not an option currently), or to switch industry sector.

Data-analysis (and its multiple siblings) are required in many fields, so, a door just closed, but some new ones surely will open up. And who knows, maybe chemistry will be involved indirectly nevertheless!

Wish me luck – as I do for all my colleagues who are in the same boat as I am.

(Update (like ages later): obviously it worked out fine in the end, but at the time it wasn’t so obvious. You Will find me at the time working for RISE in Södertälje)

MolPress – Open source chemistry plugin for WordPress

So much to discover and to do – yet so little time.
Here e.g. is such a nifty thing that I will have to try out at some point, time or not since it fits the @home perspective perfectly:

MolPress is an open source chemistry plugin for WordPress.

One of my new colleagues, Alex Clark, who has been a bit longer than me in the blogosphere, is putting work into this. No need for me to reiterate what he can describe best himself – check out the Molpress page, or his blog:

Cheminformatics2.0 – MolPress

Now – to just find the time to integrate this 😀