Awesome animation video on cancer and target Fractalkine

The enclosed video is a rather cool and awesomely made animation video of the biology of the Fractalkine receptor in context of cancer.

The reason I post this here are two-fold:

a) it’s awesome, we need more of those types of videos! Have I mentioned that it’s awesome?

b) I used to be involved in that target – and that particular compound during my time at AstraZeneca. Not so much as many of my former colleagues, but still, it does make one proud to see all that hard work come to fruition. Especially in today’s day and age of companies (smaller ones even more so) being careful about what goes into clinic or not and no longer “pump out” volumes of potentially questionable thing as it might have happened in the past.

Good luck to Kancera and hopefully it will benefit the (future) patients!

If you want to read about Fractalkine (Chemokine), you can find more information on e.g. Wikipedia: